Contact Lenses

If your thinking of contact lenses or already have them and need advice on what works best for you, book an appointment. 

Ortho K

Imagine a vision correction that works while you sleep. Imagine waking up to clear, comfortable vision in the morning, without the need to wear specs or contact lenses during the day. Well, imagine no more. Introducing… EyeDream

Daily Replacement

2 Week Replacement



2-Weekly contact lenses are removed and cleaned daily and replaced every 2 weeks. 

Monthly Replacement

We offer in practise a wide range of Monthly Contact Lens.

Gas Permeable

We offer in practise a wide range of Gas Permeable Contact Lens (Hard Lenses).
These are tailor made to shape and prescription of your eye. 
For conditions such as Keratoconus these are ideal. 
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